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Our projects

Street kids of Madagascar

The street kids of Madagascar live in poverty and lack education for oral health, which causes a lot of problems…


What people say

Korosh Roshanghias (DE)
On the one hand it was a beautiful trip with laughing people and friendly faces in this nice country. On the other hand we saw incredible teeth status. First of all i can say, that i can imagine to join another mission.
Sandra Michiels (BE)
I would like to state that the organisation of the mission from Labo O.I. as well as the MDCF and the Faka Ranch is very good. The dentists are very well taken care of.
Ulrieke Mueller (DE)
The dentists should have a great level of expertise, because you need to make profound and professional judgements in these provisional and temporary circumstances. But never forget to have fun and enjoy your time in this strange and foreign country!
Joline Dogterom (NL)
I was touched by seeing that the patients had so much confidence in my treatment without being able to communicate with words.