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As a leading company in our industry we are very much committed to add value for dentists and patients with our solutions and creating sustainable success for all stakeholders. Combining our skills and professional network to contribute also to people in difficult circumstances feels like a great privilege. Instead of splitting up our engagement to many sponsored projects with limited impact, we decided to focus our resources as European Group of Modern Dental companies long term to a program with significant impact. Since we have a more than 20 years history with our company in Madagascar overseeing our business in Indian Ocean, we decided to concentrate our Moderen Dental Care Foundation missions to this country. Madagascar ranks since decades as one of the poorest countries in the world. Oral health conditions and prevention status is extremely low, creating big social and health problems for the people.

Our first mission took place in May 2018 in Sakay Madagascar, where we laid the foundation for many more successful missions in the future. Four European dentists and three local dentists provided a significant number of free treatments assisted by a team from Modern Dental. Each of us got the opportunity to visit minimum two schools for prevention education.

Seeing that our work was much appreciated and very meaningful in many respects was so inspiring and a great experience for all of us. Our hard work was (over)compensated by smiles, thank you’s and great impressions of a wonderful country - so different from our culture and standards.



Dear dental professional, You are warmly invited to join a future mission or donate money if you like to support MDCF.
On behalf of Malagasy people we sincerely thank you for your interest and consideration.

Kind regards,

Torsten Schwafert (Chairman MDCF) and

Gregory Scialom (Chairman MDCF)



Who are we?

On the 18th of April 2017, the Modern Dental Group Europe, to which Elysee Dental belongs to, started a foundation to deliver a durable contribution to the dental care in Madagascar. This ´Modern Dental Care Foundation´ (MDCF) bundles all sponsorships of all the different country establishments, to be with this combined method of an indispensable meaning. No drop in the ocean, but visible results, as well as in the short as in the long term. The Modern Dental Care Foundation has been established under the Dutch law as a NGO. 

The European management of the Modern Dental Care Foundation believes it can utilize the existing dentist network in Europe to provide Oral Health Care and Prevention to the population of Madagascar, one of the poorest countries existing. 

Besides financial contributions from our group of companies such as Labocast, Elysee Dental, Permadental and CDI, we will actively promote and ask the dental industry and dental professionals for donations.

Vision & Mission
The Modern Dental Care Foundation wants to give the poorest people of Madagascar acces to dental care and prevention in a sustainable and effective manner. Next to treatments, prevention trainings and education are crucial parts of our mission. Furthermore, we want to integrate and where possible, also support and educate local dentists. Patients are being treated with the utmost respect.
The Modern Dental Care Foundation strives to perform preventive, medical and dental treatments and to strengthen the help that benefits the development in Madagascar, or another country where this is needed. The foundation wants to focus on the population living in the area of Sakay and is keen on giving prevention lessons at schools. From time to time a mission wil be dedicated to street kids and their families in Antananarivo.

Why did we choose Madagascar?

The Modern Dental Group has a long existing tradition in Madagascar with our company Labo OI in Antananarivo serving the African markets. This helps us to organize and facilitate missions in a professional and efficient manner. Madagascar people live for a large degree in poverty, not allowing them to consult dentists. Dental problems are a common reason for not being able to go to school or work. There is almost no awareness for prevention. 

Given our network with dentists in Europe and the experience in Madagascar we want to establish a long term and sustainable oral health program sending multiple dentist teams per year providing free treatments and prevention education at schools.


Our team

Meet the people who make this project possible

Marketing Manager/Organisation
Chairman MDCF
Coordinator Madagascar
Chairman MDCF

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