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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our missions. If you need specific help or

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Yes, for Madagascar you need several vaccinations such as diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis and hepatitis A and B. We recommend to see a vaccination specialist to inform you about the right vaccinations as these may very per person.
Yes, Madagascar is a country where malaria is endemic. For the proper protection we advise you to contact a doctor for malaria pills. Please bring with you mosquito repellent, something like 'Deet', with a high protection. Wearing long shirts and trousers when it is dark are a good addition for complete protection.
If you want to join a mission as a volunteer we kindly ask you to cover the following costs yourself: <ul> <li>Ticket to and from Madagascar</li> <li>Vaccination and malaria pills</li> <li>Alcoholic beverages</li> </ul> Exept for the previously mentioned items, there are no personal expenses excluding costs such as souvenirs. All the other costs for dental equipment, dental materials, accommodation, food and transfers will be paid by the Modern Dental Care Foundation. Because these expenses will be made for a foundation with the ANBI (NL) and European NGO status, it is possible that you will get a part of these costs back through the taxes. We will be happy to inform you about this personally.
When you arrive in Antanarivo, the capital city of Madagascar, you will stay the first night in hotel Au bois Vert. This hotel is equipped with all the luxury of a good European hotel. During your stay in Sakay you will stay at the Faka Ranch. For European standards this ranch is basic. But it is clean and there are normal beds. The ranch also has tap water and electricity between the hours of 06.00 until 22.00, which is unique in this area.
The Modern Dental Care Foundation arranges all the food and drinks during your stay in Madagascar. While staying at the Faka Ranch in Sakay, the staff of this accommodation prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Faka Ranch is used to having European guests and will serve you a good meal with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits from their own garden. If you are a vegetarian it is no problem for them to make you a special meal.
During the mission, taking time off for yourself will be limited. In the early morning hours you will have the opportunity to go horse riding at the ranch and its surroundings, or take horse riding lessons. It gets dark very quickly after returning from the dental clinic. Apart from making a short walk in the direct surroundings of the ranch, there will be no time for any sightseeing activities. On the last day, saturday, our local colleagues will take you to see the surroundings of Madagascar. In consultation with the group you then will visit the village of Ampfey and the waterfall that is located in this beautiful natural reservation. You will also make an adventurous hiking tour here. If there is any time left you will visit a market.


<strong>Saturday:</strong> Flight to Paris</li> From Paris direct flight to Antanarivo</li> Transfer to Au bois Vert hotel</li> </ul> <strong>Sunday:</strong> <li> Around 9 a.m. transfer to Sakay. This transfer will take around 5 hours.</li> <li>Lunch at Faka Ranch</li> <li> Settling up the clinic</li> <li>Dinner</li> </ul> <strong>Monday until Friday afternoon:</strong> <li>05.45-06.45 Opportunity to horse riding in the beautiful area or to take horse riding lessons.</li> <li>07.00 Breakfast</li> <li>07.30 Transfer to the clinic (it is only 2 km but due to the bad road it will take around 30 minutes to get there)</li> <li>08.00 Starting the treatments</li> <li>12.30-13.30 Lunchbreak</li> <li>17.30 Return to Ranch</li> <li>19.30 Dinner</li></ul> <strong>Friday afternoon:</strong> Breaking down and packing up the clinic <strong>Saturday</strong> <ul> <li>Visiting the Lily waterfall in Ampefy</li> <li>Visiting Ampefy village</li> <li>Walk through the beautiful nature of Ampefy area</li> <li>Transfer to Antanarivo hotel Au bois Vert</li> <li>Dinner and time to relax, to shower etc.</li> <li>Around 00.30 hrs. flight back to Paris.</li> <ul>