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New mission dates announced

We are pleased to announce two new dates for our upcoming missions to Madagascar.

Helping the streed kids of Antananarivo
The first of these two missions will be from the 2nd until the 9th of Februari 2019.
This mission will focus on the dental health of the street kids of Madagascar its capital: Antananarivo.
During this week we will try to help them with and educate them on oral health. It is the first mission to Antananarivo.
For this mission we will need five dentists and five dental nurses.

The third mission to Sakay
From the 4th until th 11th of May 2019 we will organise a third mission to Sakay and its people.
Here we will operate from our dental practice and plan on helping a minimum of 500 people. We will also visit schools for education.
Five dentists and five dental nurses will be needed to bring this mission to a succes.

We hope to see you on one of our upcoming missions!
If you are interested, please sign up through our volunteer form or take a look at our mission page to view all our upcoming missions.